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We are so excited to share the photos and videos of the Alyson Renée looks that were selected to be a part of the Festival Mode Design fashion show. (Montreal fashion week 2016.)  Fashion expert Katia Nikolajew of Bewolf Fashion personally invited our brand and we custom designed 5 colorful pieces for the show on August 20th, which included a total of 26 looks. Fashion shows like these take a tremendous amount of work and months to prepare for. Attracting over half a million visitors a year, Festival Mode Design is the largest outdoor fashion and design event in North America. We are so incredibly grateful for these opportunities to share our colorful work with the world on such a large platform, amongst so many famous designers. Check out her behind the scenes video preparing looks and see if you spot our designs! http://www.bewolfclothing.com/fmd.php
To view the 2016 edition videos; http://www.katianikolajew.com/fmd.php
These hand-dyed original looks can be purchased here; http://bit.ly/1sdmhNlhttp://bit.ly/1TLVGB6http://bit.ly/2cpeLw8http://bit.ly/2bYfB10.
Contact Aly@alysonrenee.com for custom orders. We would love to create something special for you in your favorite color palette.
finale3 finale4 finale6 finale7 look6a look14a look14c look21a look21c look23a look23b look23d

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