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File Aug 30, 3 56 48 PM What a delight to have our work featured in the fantastic artistic magazine Belle Armoire, which specializes in wearable artwork.  Here's the full article; 70’s Dreamers a fresh take on vintage style Alyson Renee is designed for the free-spirited dreamer that loves to express herself through colorful statement pieces. Color is therapeutic for the mind and soul, I believe we must surround ourselves with colors that evoke a mood of warmth, joy and healing. Each of my creations is handcrafted with love and skill for the wearer to feel incredibly special in. With a background in textile hand-dyeing techniques, I started creating and selling hand-dyed silk fringe kimonos in NYC, the West coast and online. My customers love being a part of the design process by requesting specific color palettes. I had created over 100 different color combinations and was ready to birth the next best-selling style. I wanted to create a flowy garment in maxi length, but with the same artistic details. It was then that the embellished hand-dyed silk maxi caftan was born. It’s no secret that 70’s bohemian style is all over the runways and according to worldwide fashion weeks, it is here to stay. Caftans are becoming such a versatile statement piece. I believe it’s the ease and comfort of a one-size-fits-most style. It can be worn with flats at the beach, or dressed up with heels and a handbag for evening events. Each caftan piece requires a 15-step process involving a 12 hour labor of love. The main feature of this garment is the hand-dyeing technique. After measuring, cutting, pressing and sewing the pure silk crepe de chine fabric, I prepare the fabric with a fixer that maximizes the dye saturation. I use fiber reactive dyes that bond with the fibers and become part of the fabric structure. These garments will never fade or bleed like Rit dyes that sit on top of the fabric. I then prepare an area for ice dyeing. I find ice dyeing to be the most beautiful, yet unpredictable textile art form. Since the ice melts and dilutes the dye pigment sprinkled on top of it, different colors can combine to create new shades and shapes.   The results are a magnificent watercolor effect of shades that sit so beautifully together. Another incredible feature of this style is that no 2 pieces are ever alike. I can recreate the same color palette, but could not recreate a pattern exactly if I tried. It makes it special for the customer, as they are wearing an original piece of artwork. When Alyson Renee was selected to sell at the iconic NYC Chelsea Market Handmade Cavalcade over the Holidays, I was happy to have such a great response to my work. One customer came in 10 minutes to close and grabbed this style off the rack saying to her friend, “Can’t you just picture me stepping off the plane in this dress?!” She also purchased another caftan in burnout silk for her mother and their upcoming trip to India. I continue to do what I love because of customers like this, whom value the love and artistry that makers put into every single stitch or dye technique. I left the Corporate fashion world after designing mass market clothing for 12 years. But now I have the chance to step out and design original pieces that make customers feel special wearing them. The most fulfilling part is forming relationships with my customers and hearing their incredible feedback once they’ve received their one of a kind piece, that’s what it’s all bout. I am blessed to be living out my dream and I’m glad to have the opportunity to share my work with customers all over the world.

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